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Oculus UX Research  

Role: UX Researcher

Team Size: 12

Role: UX Research

Overview: In 2019 I helped test and research oculus Hand tracking technology on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Link before the launch to market.

Oculus Visual Case Study

Overview: The hand tracking feature enables the use of hands as an input method on Oculus Quest devices. It delivers a new sense of presence, enhances social engagement, and delivers more natural interactions with fully tracked hands and articulated fingers.

Overview: Using simple hand gestures such as pinch, unpinch, and pinch and hold, you can integrate hands to perform interactions such as select, click, scroll, drag and drop, return, or exit. The hand tracking feature allows you to develop UI elements that can be operated with hands and controllers interchangeably.


*Due to NDA and privacy reasons I am unable to share full details and mockups of this project but if you have any questions please email me.

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