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Style Guide & FAQ

Why does this logo represent Virtually Perfect?

I created this logo when I first started freelancing. This was the way I communicated to potential clients that I was an established brand.


Does this symbol represent anything important?

Yes, the Logo symbolizes 2 V's stacked on top of each other. Then the black square on top represents a screen or monitor. 

What do the colors represent?

I'm glad you asked! The colors represent passion, determinationinspiration, enthusiasm & minimalism.

How many designs did I come up with before making this one?

36 different designs. Some good some bad.

What logo came in second place?

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 4.38.18 PM.png

Is there a version of the logo animated?

Yes, but through testing and feedback, the animation wouldn't always load fast on mobile devices.

It's a cool logo but freelance designers shouldn't have logos

I completely understand and respect your opinion.

I'm still confused. Is this a company or a person

It's both! It is Virtually Perfect  & The portfolio of Ian Jackson Busik.

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