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True North Leads


In 2018 I was reached out to by the CEO of True North Leads to redesign the website to a more modern look.

What is True North Leads? 

True North Is a Lead marketing company.

What was my role?

I was a UX Researcher. Working in a team of 3

What was my Process?

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Comparative Analysis

  • Screener Survey

  • User Interviews

  • Data Analyzation

  • User Testing

  • User Persona creation

  • Journey Mapping

Problems with the website?

  1. True North Leads was not findable on popular search websites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. 

  2. True North Leads lacked information on its website compared to other competitors.

Competitive Analysis

I contacted the CEO and asked who their main competitors were in the lead marketing space. They gave me a list of a few groups and I conducted research on their website on mobile and desktop platforms. 


My Research - Findings lead me to the conclusion that True North Leads website came out in last compared to other competitors websites based off. Adjustments needed to be made.

Screener Survey

I started off my research by creating a screener survey that I sent out to business owners and marketers. I needed to find a way to narrow down our target audience. We needed to figure out what users needed from a lead advertising agency website. But first, we needed to find users. We used Google Surveys to create it and found potential users we knew of already and some through LinkedIn, Facebook and friends of friends. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 3.14.59 PM.png

User Interviews

We ended up getting 17 users to choose to interview. The users were from all different industries of business. We ended up going for 5 formal interviews. Once we did this I scheduled the chosen interviewees for a follow-up interview that would fit their schedule

For my interviews with the users, I used Trint to record and transcribe the conversations with the user's permission

All the interviews would last anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes in length. This was of the most enjoyable parts of the project. Because I got a chance to engage with users and learn their story. I learned so much from every interview which became huge for when it became to create the User Persona. I compiled all the data I had collected through Research interviews and surveys. I created an affinity map with the team.

User Persona


I created a User Persona based on the findings in my screener survey & user Interviews. This persona is the type of person that we needed to design for.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.51.07

Is this Persona a real person?

Is this Persona a real person?


What did research tell us what user needs were?

  • Testimonials from past users - Testimonials are important because they show positive feedback from past clients. improving trust and brand reputation.


  • Redesigned information architecture - Users gave feedback that they wanted a more business-focused website that shows feature/ products on the top - middle of the page and testimonials at the bottom


  • The phone number on the top of the page - The marketing world is fast-paced and users need a quick way to contact businesses that don't involve email or writing messages or emails.


  • A personal biography that gives a personal touch to the website - We found that users want to know as much as they can before they enter a partnership with a company. 


  • Improved branding visuals - Improved visuals that reflect more on the branding and visuals of the page that come across more professional.





What happened post research?

I presented my research findings to the CEO of True North Leads and the Interaction & Visual Designer. We collaborated together on steps going forward.  The next step was the interaction designer drawing up wireframes of potential website designs. After the designs were complete. I conducted testing with users on the new designs.

User Testing

The Interaction Designer and I conducted 3 rounds of interviews with 5 people per round. After the 3rd round of interviews, the designs proved to be successful. At that point, we handed off the design schematics to the Visual Designer to complete the visual mockups.

Did we do a Design Studio?

Yes we did! Post user testing the Interaction Designer & Visual Designer and I did a design studio were we made wireframes of potential homepages for the website based off user needs and business goals


Final Mockup

The Original website for True North Leads was only one page. Through User Research and our design process, we kept it that way because we didn't want to confuse previous users and disrupt the User Flow.

TNL Color Mockup v2.png

Journey Map of the website

I created a Journey map of the average user that would visit the website

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 2.59.19 PM.png

What did Stakeholders think?

We presented in front of our stakeholders post-redesign. They were happy with the job we did through the research portion as well as the 

The Team

Ian Jackson (Me)


User Researcher

- Conduct User Interviews

- Competitive Analysis

- Design Process

Chris Wyatt


Interaction Designer

- Create Wireframes through - User Research findings

- Create clickable prototypes





Christie Pedersen


Visual Designer

- Created Style Guides & Mood Boards

- Created final prototype of mockup





What did Stakeholders think?

Working with True North Leads was a great experience. The CEO is a passionate and driven entrepreneur with many different businesses. I would happy to work with them on another project in the future.   

How was it working with my team?

Chris Wyatt - Working with Chris was great. Getting to know him and talk about his design process was fascinating. I also got a chance to know about him personally and his passion for Film producing.

Christie Pedersen - Christie is a very talented visual designer who can create beautiful mockups very fast. She is also gifted in public speaking.

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