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Zeacon App 

Role: UX Research/ UI Design

Team Size: 9

Overview: My job was to conduct user interviews and focus groups with users as they tested the Zeacon app.

What is Zeacon? Zeacon is a 2-year-old Seattle-area startup whose aim is to help businesses be more discoverable within their community and to stand out among the noise of a digital world. Naidu founded the company when he was motivated to help solve the problem of diminishing foot traffic to local businesses. They provide users a quick way to discover what’s happening around them in real time, including events, experiences and deals at restaurants, and more. 

UI mockups 


Zeacon App for Business  


Zeacon In The News

*Due to NDA and privacy reasons I am unable to share full details and mockups of this project but if you have any questions please email me.

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