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Messenger Lite Android App 

Role: UI Development, Engineer Intern.

Duration: 2015-2018 (Summers)

Overview:  Interned @ Facebook during college. I started off as a developer then found a strong passion for all things UI & UX related. The switch was hard because I did love coding but being born a creative person I followed where my heart lies. The prior programming knowledge helps me today as a designer. 

Tools: Sketch, Origami HTML/CSS, Native react.

Fun Fact: I got to ask Zuck a question about accessibility on the FB platform.

What I did: 3 projects, 3 hackathons, and a Great learning experience!


Me on my first day being welcomed by my team.


Messenger Lite is a stripped-down version of Messenger. It only has basic features. Designed for those in low connection areas.


The year 2017 in front of the Like place Market sign (Seattle Office)


The year 2018 mid lunch collaboration.


I was given the opportunity to work a variety of different teams and met a lot of great mentors and industry people along the way.

*Due to NDA and privacy reasons I am unable to share full details and mockups of this project but if you have any questions please email me.

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